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26.08.2017 - Neu: OwnARS Release 5.1

Königswinter 26th October 2017 - VoteWorks OwnARS 5.1 - available now!

Just in time for the autumn season, we have released the latest version OwnARS 5.1 with numerous innovations on the topic of electronic voting on WEG meetings.
Among other things we proudly present , t
he following new functions:

- Simultaneous display of the relative / percentage presence to determine the attendance check according to any criterion (heads, majority ownership shares ...)

- The number of different voting rights (subgroups) has been increased from the last max. 30 to 40.

- The relative attendance for ALL voting principles is now logged in the minutes of the presence recording, not only for the currently set (usually MEA)

- When you import an owner list from your management program, we now check whether keypads have been assigned several times. Not only in case of problems you will get a detailed import report.

- From now on, you can also import the agenda from a CSV file and thus fill all fields not just "topic description" as by import of txt files under 5.0 (the import from a TXT file is retained.)

- The version OwnARS 5.1 supports the new voting device VoteWorks mini with five keys, display and "Yes, No, abstention" Labeling of the keys 1, 2 or 3, as well as display of the pressed key in the display.

- Under Settings / Setup, we offer you a new option: "Qualified Majority Quorum". This option allows you to set the value for the calculation of the Majority Required/ "Qualified Majority" to two decimal places by yourselve!

Try it now,  the update is ready for you: Keypad Interact mini

20.03.2017 - New PlenarVote Release 3.6.0

Königswinter, 20th March 2017

PlenarVote 3.6.0 is ready for  Download

Release Notes:

we are pleased to announce or latest Release PlenarVote 3.6.0, which among others comes with the following new features:  
  • The maximum numbers of tables has been increased from 6 to 8. The table size (number of lines)  is now pending on the screen resolution. In other words, using e.g. and HD resolution you can now display the results of upto 250 Delegates at the same time.
  • Agenda items can now be displayed over upto 4 lines (in the past only upto two lines had been available for display of agenda items).
The latest release is ready for use immediately after download and installation. No need for de-installation of former versions or a new licensing. All existing files are fully compatible with the new version (.csv files etc.), in other words your existing sessions can be used without further amendments.

Please make sure you choose the correct installation version - pending on the system environment which is used in your case. (Version Netzwerk-Drive)


15.03.2017 - New OwnARS Release 5.0

Königswinter 15th March 2017

OwnARS 5.0
is ready for Download here and now.

Release Notes:

  • additional to the existing feature "Weighted Voting" which allows to adjust voting weight and/or voting rights for each agenda point you can now choose between several types of majorities which may be required in order to pass the motion. You can choose between the following types of majorities:
    • simple Majority (50%+)
    • qualified Majority (50% + a required additional percentage)
    • double qualified Majority (as given by the WEG law)
    • unanimity
    • special unanimity in according to WEG law
  • in addition you may want to display automatically after vote end that the motion has passed or not, this we call "Display of quorum"
  • all results will be filed in the known result documents, but know the results we be numbered by the so called "Beschlußbuchnummer" as required by the WEG, for documentation purposes.
  • the new Release is ready for use after download and installation (no need to de-install existing versions). all existing files are fully compatible with the new version (.csv und .osf files etc),

15.07.2016 - Neues 4elections+ Release Vers. 2.9.1

Königswinter 15th July 2016

4elections+ 2.9.1
is ready for Download here and now.

Release Notes:

  • Entry Net: Keypad and Chanal can be adjusted during the registration. Proxy-Voting can be achieved by assigning the same Keypad to several Shareholders/Delegates. The Total presents is updated by server sync. periodically (Bug Fix).
  • New: 100 % Quorum
  • Bug Fix: Reports are now available even if „indiv. Abstimmverhalten protokollieren“ is active.
  • Bug Fix: Decimals will now be imported correctly during the Import of a memberlist under english language settings
  • a few smaller Bug Fixes


13.07.2016 - Employee Surveys created by use of an ARS-System - explained as video - now available

Berlin, 13th July 2017

Our Partner HR Business Transparency created a comprehensive and informative Video which describes the pro´s and how to do´s of running an employee survey by the help of an ARS System! Check it out now:

04.04.2016 - New OwnARS Release Vers. 4.7

Königswinter 04.04.2016, a new release of OwnARS Vers. 4.7 is ready for Download

Release Notes:

New: User Interface in english (and german). Language Settings will be determined by language setting of Operatingsystem, alternatively can be set manually within Setup/Info

  • New: Attendance List Management (Ownars/editing/Create attendance list)
  • New: Authorized representatives can be listed without having any own voting rights in any category (all weights are kept empty).
  • New: Optional registration via Signaturpad ( )
  • Bug Fixes, smaller Optimisations

 Good Luck and Success with OwnARS 4.7!

20.03.2014 - Same procedure as last year? Annual Meetings - New Opportunities as a chance for change

In January 2014, the german magazin for Associations "Verbändereport" published a detailed evaluation of the opportunities arising by the latest Open Scource Software OpenSlides and it´s add-on tool VoteCollector, which allows to run Annual Meetings by the help of latest dedicated software and hardware tools. The article (in german language) describes the advantages and change management challenges being found during the use of the hot trial during the convention of the political party Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen during their regional meeting in Hamburg. The Author´s Christian Schmid, Emanuel Schütze und Thomas Klauß discuss the modern concept of transparency based membership participation as well as technical needs for it-security.

OpenSlides-Artikel im Verbändereport 1/2014 erschienen (PDF; Scource: Verbändereport)

02.02.2014 - New VoteCollector for improved OpenSlides GUI available!

New OpenSlides / VoteCollector available!

No matter which typ of annual meeting you are running - all of them have to deal with agendas, motions, elections and speakers lists. Not to talk about tracking the results... The brand new Open-Source Product "OpenSlides" supports you on all these subjects and on top you are enabled to run electronic votings in all variations (whether including name handling or anonymous). Our VoteCollector™ Plug-In has only been built to guarantee best performance under the latest OpenSlides GUI

An Online-Demo and additioanl Informations are available at
Openslide VoteCollector GUI screenshoot

21.11.2013 - Innovate Awards 2013

Am 7.11.2013 wurde im Osnabrücker Theater die innovate!Awards 2013 verliehen.
Im letzten Jahr hat OpenSlides an diesem Wettbewerb teilgenommenn und damit den 1. Platz
belegt (zum Nachlesen unter [1])!

Dieses Jahr wurde der Vorjahresgewinner eingeladen die Abstimmung über den Gewinner elektronisch durchzuführen - auf Basis von OpenSlides und dem

Die Abstimmung verlief problemlos - in Sekundenschnelle stand das Ergebnis der
ca. 140 stimmberechtigten Teilnehmer fest. Das Publikum war angetan von der
Abstimmungstechnik und es wurde interessiert nachgefragt, was Openslides noch
alles bietet.

Insgesamt eine positives Beispiel, was mit OpenSlides alles möglich ist.
Vielleicht hat noch jemand andere "Success-Stories" mit OpenSlides zu
berichten? Gerne auch mit Fotos.

In diesem Sinne, viele Grüße

(*) Fotos erstellt von

25.09.2013 - VoteWorks now available as App!

VoteWorks now available as App!

09.09.2013 - Die 2 - Gottschalk und Jauch gegen Alle

09.09.13, Köln - Die 2 - Gottschalk & Jauch gegen Alle - Live Sendung mit 500 Studiogästen
nutzen neu entwickeltes Feature für TED4TV und VoteWorks Abstimmgeräte.

Das extra für das neue Format entwickelte Feature einer Übermittlung der individuellen Gewinnermitteilung über das Display des Reply Plus Abstimmgerätes hat gestern seine Feuertaufe bestanden. In der Live Produktion konnten 500 Studiogäste aufgrund des neuen Features nach jeder Fragerunde nicht nur erkennen ob sie richtig geantwortet haben, sondern auch ob sie zu den zehn schnellsten Teilnehmern gehörten.

Das Konzept ist eine Variante der früheren Jauch-Show „Die Weisheit der Vielen“. Während seinerzeit Experten zu bestimmten Wissensgebieten gegen das Publikum antraten, sind es nun die beiden Entertainer Gottschalk und Jauch, die sich den Fragen und Aufgaben stellen.

Am 07. Oktober geht es in die zweite Auflage und wir sind wieder mit dabei wenn Barbara Schöneberger die 500 Studiogäste auffordert: Stimmen Sie jetzt ab!

19.08.2013 - VoteWorks Byopad Launch

The all new ARS APP:
Be part of Audience Response Sessions anywhere and anytime
by the use of your own Smartphone or Tablet PC!

VoteWorks Byopad
VoteWorks® BYOPAD (Bring your own ..) allows meeting participants to use their own smart phones or tablets as a voting device to facilitate feedback and interaction with the audience by the simple use off an App out of any PowerPoint Presentation!

You prefer to take a short cut? Watch our youtube video for a full brief ....
How does the VoteWorks Byopad work?
Users simply download the VoteWorks® BYOPAD APP.
Click on the APP icon.
The virtual keypad appears on the screen ready to go with no further configuration or log-in required.
The VoteWorks® BYOPAD APP will automatically join the right session through the use of an integrated GPS locator
If two or more sessions are in close proximity it will allow the user to choose which session to join.
Perfect platform to support multi-site events almost over night.
If the users smart phone is on another platform (e.g. Blackberry) they can still participate by accessing through a browser and log-in.
Questions, Answers and Results are designed, presented and controlled by our industry leading software EdiVote Pro which is a fully integrated MS PowerPoint Plug-In!
VoteWorks® BYOPAD and VoteWorks® Keypads work seamlessly together in a single system.

Due to the rapid rise of smart devices together with the introduction of the unique VoteWorks® BYOPAD, it is no longer necessary to ship hundreds or even thousands of keypads to meetings wherever they are. Ask the participants to bring their own mobile devices (smart phones or tablets) and merely keep on hand a small number of supporting VoteWorks® keypads for those that do not have a compatible device (e.g. 10 to 20% of the anticipated number of participants) or reject to use them because of what so ever reason.

The hybrid future is available now.

Quick, Efficient, Trouble-Free and Low Cost:
That’s Flexibility-In-An-APP
That’s the Interactive FUTURE
That’s VoteWorks® BYOPAD
This is the right solution for your application?
Call us now, to evaluate how quick and easy you are the next, who can inviting your participants:
"Bring Your Own Keypad - VoteWorks BYOPAD!"
Bernd Nixdorf
Infowhyse GmbH
Königswinterer Straße 27
53639 Königswinter
Tel     +49 2244 8777-10
Fax    +49 22448777-15
Mobil +49 171 88 22 206

22.04.2013 - VoteWorks Engage Launch

VoteWorks proudly presents:

VoteWorks Engage Keypad

Audience feedback is more involved than answering a simple yes/no question at a meeting. Savvy groups are now using response systems that are capable of multi-digit input for training, medical education, employee surveys, market research and much more.

VoteWorks Engage includes an easy-to- read graphic display that allows participants to enter and view answerchoices. It supports advanced applications that require more than basic multiple choice input. As a result, the VoteWorks Engage provides breakthrough functionality for research, training, assessment and facilitated group decision-making activities.The basestation connects viaUSB or Ethernet connectors, opening the door for multi-site meetings and distance learning.
The very light weight VoteWorks Engage is smaller and lighter weight than it’s predecessor. A backlighted graphic display and additional interactive keys as well as status icons add to its impressive list of features. The device’s range and scalability have also significantly expanded,with a base station range of 850 feet and a 500 keypad capability.

The system can be used license- free worldwide on the2.4GHz band.