DGUV Kampagne Risiko raus (2010 -2011)

The campaign "Risiko raus!" kicked-of by the german Social Security Organisation in 2010, was focused on reducing the risks in the area of professional driving and transportation.

Prevention campaign:
"Risiko raus!"

 To ensure German employees remain healthy at work, the German social accident insurance institutions support companies and insured individuals using all appropriate means.

In it´s 2010/2011 campaign "reduce risk" the DGUV designed a mulitmedia quiz by the means of an Audience Response System, which had been design for four different target groups. Each of them got it´s one set of questions. All question where contributing to a team score which as a side effect qualified the risk level and type of each of the participants.

Kicken Sie hier um weitere Einzelheiten zur DGUV Kampagne "Risiko Raus!" zu erfahren.

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