1. FC Köln, Mitgliederversammlung Dezember 2012


1. FC Köln, Mitgliederversammlung Dezember 2012

Hennes VIII. introduces electronic voting!

The Organizer of the Annual Meeting where prepared to cope with 5000 Members (approx. 10% of the total membership) to show presense at their Home base of  the 1. FC Köln. Even so just 1100 showed up a week before christmas 2012 the General assembly went absolutly smooth and became a big success by all means: lostically as well as content wise.

Using the electronic voting systems based on our application 4election kept the motioins going even if difficult subjects had be casted, as like the dis charge of Ex president Wolfgang Overath. In his absense 76,14% said no, in other words no approval was given to him and his board for the year 2010.

The approval of the current boad around the new President Mr. Werner Spinner instead went totaly different: 96,11% exornated him, with great applause.

A similar high acceptance could be stated after the electronic voting stopped and show the results, for the change of the bylaws, which is focusing on giving more decisioin making power to the members and less to the board.

Even so the high number of no shows had been disappointing the electronic voting systems proofed his reliability and help to smooth the processes. Not only big time saving could be achivied (none of the voting did last longer then two minutes) first of all the voting devices where simple to use and the notary had no reason to doubt the quality of the system and especially the results. At any time he was informed about the status of the system, technical transparency one hand and anonymous voting can go hand in hand, as proven at this occasion.

Follow the link on the tap MEDIA takes you to a short movie showing impressions of the assembly (including the use of the keypads)

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FC-Mitglieder stimmen für neue Satzung - Mitgliederversammlung in der LANXESS arena

more information can also be grapped from the following ticker archive effzeh.com (in german)


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