Rental of VoteWorks Interact Keypad ("a-la-Carte"/without Software)


Rental of VoteWorks Interact Keypad ("a-la-Carte"/without Software)

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Keypad, multiple selection, 14 buttons, 10 Choices, OK, Clear, LCD Display


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 VoteWorks® Interact

1. Enclosure:

  • Rugged ABS plastic shell
  • Dimensions: 92 × 54 × 8mm (L x B x H)
  • Weight: 32g (without 2 Batterien CR 2032)
  • Color: white (other colours are available on request)
  • Bail for Lanyards

2. User-Identification:

  • Each keypad has a unique ID between 1 and 400
  • Keypad ID can be changed via Software
  • Keypad ID is transmitted with each Vote

3. User Input

  • 14 Keys:
  • 10 Numeric keys 1/A-10/J.
  • 4 special keys:
  • OK for Confirmation
  • C for Clear/Cancel
  • 2 Symbol Characters (Dot and Dash).

4. Display and Sound

  • 6 Digit LC-Display, 38x16mm, Numbers 0 – 9 or Characters A – J Additional Icons: Signalstrengh, Send and Receipt status, Battery Level
  • A beep indicates a key press. Can be disabled via RF.

5. RF - technology

  • Supports multiple channels, Two-way 2,4 GHz communication spread over 32 channels
  • Security: Using a special RF Protocol for the keypads that ensures Data accuracy. Works also reliable within other 2.4GHz environments like Wi-Fi, PDA or mobile networks.
  • After the keypad data has been successfully received by the basestation, the keypad will receive a confirmation.
  • User friendly: Keypads and Basestation are linked. Therefore, changes on the Basestation are also applied to all its Keypads (e.g. Channel).
  • All keypads can be checked simultaneously and submitting its status.
  • Range: Depending on Room constellation up to 70 x 70 m.
  • Speed: 400 Keypads per Basestation within less than 5 seconds
  • FCC, IC and CE proofed.

6. Power:

  • 2 Coin Cells CR 2032.
  • The Auto power down functionality enables up to 15.000 Votes (Depending on Battery quality)
  • Standby – Time is 1 year (Depending on Battery quality)
  • Battery Panel is secured by a screw

7. Maximum System Size:

  • To achieve the best speed, one basestation is limited to 400 Keypads.
  • With more than 400 Keypads, a multiple Base solution is recommended.
  • Requires additional Software (e.g. EdiVote Pro, PlenarVote), to process the data.
  • Software available for single or weighted Voting’s, General Meetings, Marketing Research, CME-Meetings, Game Shows and much more.
# of Buttons 10 +2 +2 (1-10, A-J, OK, C, Dezimalpoint/Like it, Minus/Dislike it)
Display 6 digit LC-Display, 38x16mm
Weight 32g (w/o 2 Batteries CR 2032)
Battery Typ 2 Coin Cells CR 2032 3V
Transmitter 2,4 Ghz RF
Single selection Yes
Free Value Entry Yes
SMS Texting No
Yes/Like it key Yes
No/ Dislike Key Yes
Abstain Key No
Clear/DEL Key Yes
Power ON/OFF No
Dimension 92×54×8mm (L x W x H)
Lanyard eyelet Yes

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