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The Meeting in a Box™ package covers all the requirements of 80% of most meetings currently held.


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Meeting in a Box™ App

covers all the requirements of 80% of most meetings currently held. Using the chosen keypads together with EdiVote ® Pro provides all the standard voting functionality plus demographic groupings, comparisons, ranking, rating and the ability to run quizzes with individual and/or team scoring.

EdiVote ® Pro has all the capabilities of the Simplicity package but also provides additional functionality designed for regular users who require more than just the basics.
The main additions are: Comparisons, Ranking, Rating, Scoring and a more enhanced reporting ability. 

EdiVote ® Pro also gives the user a greater choice of slide types (vertical, horizontal, pie chart, vertical bars, horizontal bars and score board).  Individual bars can be placed where ever you wish to show them on the slide.

All the features of Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® 2007 and 2010 are usable by converting the EdiVote ® Pro slide which gives more opportunities to design your slide or the whole show.  EdiVote ® Pro also offers a Roster function to  enable individual tracking  and team games as and when required.


  • All Basic Voting Functions plus
  • Speed Scoring
  • Demographics
  • Comparisons
  • Multi Digit
  • Ranking
  • Rating
  • Free Numeric Entry
  • Advanced Reports
  • Roster, Weightings, Scoreboards

User Interface
Currently the User Interface of EdiVote Software is available for the following languages (more to come): English, German, French, Spanish, Italien, Polish, Macedonien.

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